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Why Do We Require Volunteers

We are members of a summer swim league. While we do charge a registration fee, we are a non-profit organization. Our fees are only intended to cover the cost of equipment and coaches salaries. The board members are also volunteers and do not gain any profit from the registration fees. For parents who are new to the sport, you will soon learn that it takes a large number of volunteers to run a swim meet. And every position is critical to the function of each meet!

What are our policies regarding parent positions?
We require one volunteer from each family to sign up for a position. 

How is this policy enforced?
At meet check-in our volunteer coordinator will be checking in all volunteers. If there is no volunteer checked in for a swimmer, and a replacement volunteer has not been identified, as well as the volunteer coordinator informed, the swim team committee has the right to bill the family a small fine to accommodate shortcomings in volunteers for an event.

How does the volunteer system work?
During swim team registration, the volunteer options for each meet are available . We have a great number of positions available. You get to select a position on a first come, first serve basis for each meet.  When confirming participation in each meet, families can also sign-up for volunteer positions.

What about the other team?
When we are at a meet, all teams attending bring volunteers. Each team provides
timers, scorers, stroke and turn judges, etc. The number of parent positions is roughly split between the two teams. This also ensures fairness as we have checks and balances in place to prevent favoritism toward one team or another.

General Volunteer Policies

Team policy requires each family to volunteer at least one shift for each meet.

Volunteer FAQ

Both my spouse and I only have one swimmer. Do we both have to volunteer?

Absolutely not, but you are welcome to if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty. During meet sign up, you only need to choose one of you to volunteer if you have not already done so during the registration process..

We have two swimmers on the team, and we have other young children who are not swimming yet, and my spouse has to work on Saturdays. How can I possibly volunteer and still watch our young children?

As you can imagine, you will not be the first family in these situations and many similar combinations on our swim team. We have a couple of different solutions to your dilemma, and depending upon your situation, the volunteer coordinator will absolutely work something out with you. One option is to volunteer for roles that occur before or after the meet such as equipment setup and take down. We also have a few roles that don't require assistance during a meet, but may require support from home. Regardless of your situation, please contact the volunteer coordinator to work this out.

My spouse and I are going to be gone one weekend, and the kids' grandparents (or babysitter) will be taking the kids to the meet. Do they have to fullfill our volunteer role?

We will, most likely, simply say "have fun" provided you are a family that regularly meets your volunteer commitments. Please email the volunteer coordinator in advance to make sure you are not flagged for failing to meet your volunteer commitment. If you have flexibility on choosing the weekend you will be gone, away meets require a significantly less number of volunteers than home meets. However, if the weekend guardian wants to volunteer, we surely won’t turn them away!

What does "shifts" mean?

Most roles are divided between first shift (event 1 through event 35) and second shift (event 36 through 72). Obviously the first shift is in the cooler hours of the morning, but you have to be on your toes earlier in the morning and the shift is a little longer than the second shift.  If you only have swimmers age 6 and younger, you will want to sign up to volunteer only for the first shift. Second shift is a bit shorter. Ages 6 and under only have a few events in the 2nd shift of all meets.  However, the second shift will be a bit warmer.

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